WATCH: Turkey Myths Debunked & Secrets Revealed

turkey myths debunked

Eating turkey during the winter holidays is a time-honored tradition, and many of us learned how to prepare those much-loved bird thanks to our mothers and grandmothers — who, in turn, learned from their elders.

But are those turkey preparations correct? The truth is, many turkey cooking “facts” aren’t always true, we just believe them to be that way because they were passed down over the years and popularized on television shows, in movies, and countless stories about the season.

So, with that in mind, we present you with “Turkey Myths Debunked & Secrets Revealed,” which covers a lot of those basic beliefs surrounding the preparation of this SuperFood. It doesn’t just tell you what you’ve been doing wrong, but offers suggestions so that you end up with the best turkey you can possibly make. Many of these details come from seasoned chefs who have prepared tons of turkey in their day, and who have come to these conclusions through a lot of study, trial and error. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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