Overnight Yogurt Oatmeal for a Ready-to-Go Breakfast

yogurt oatmeal

Do your kids hate hot cereal but you wish they’d eat their oatmeal? Or do you or your spouse have a hard time making time for breakfast in the mornings?

Here’s a easy-to-follow yogurt oatmeal recipe that can make your mornings much easier as long as you take a few minutes the night before to prep.

Traditional oatmeal (no instant or quick oatmeal; the mixture will become too mushy)
Yogurt (opt for a thicker yogurt like Greek yogurt, but nothing watery). We suggest plain non- or low-fat yogurt.
Fruit, nuts, granola, honey or maple syrup: Basically chop up whatever you’d like to add to your cereal and set it aside.

The night before, fill up a jar halfway with the oats. Add in equal amounts of yogurt and mix. Close the lid and refrigerate overnight.  You can add chia seeds too if you want an extra nutrition punch.

In the morning, add whatever fruits, nuts, granola and sweeteners you left handy the night before, and voila! You have an instant cold breakfast that tastes good and is good for you!

Why We Love It
This one is amazing because all you have to do in the morning is mix in the fruits, nuts and granola and go. Anything that saves us time in the morning (aside from skipping breakfast) is deserving of applause.

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