How to Cook Turkey in a Crockpot

how to cook turkey in a crockpot

Not a gourmet cook? No problem! Here’s a great way to produce a really delicious turkey breast without have to do all the trussing, stuffing, roasting and basting in a traditional turkey recipe. Just learn how to cook turkey in a crockpot.

This comes from Buzz60, and they offer the simplest option ever: Rub the turkey breast with some seasoning, put the bird into the slow cooker, add some water (or chicken / turkey broth) and you’re good to go. Any kind of turkey seasoning that you find in other recipes would also work, allowing you to vary up the flavorings depending on your mood. That makes this an awesome option at any time of year, because you can easily incorporate one of the best SuperFoods into your regular meals, and do it without a ton of work.

Keep in mind that the turkey won’t brown in the traditional sense. You could finish it off for a couple minutes under the oven broiler if you want that dark browning, just watch it to make sure the skin doesn’t scorch.

In case you’re curious, there are large electric roasting pans available as well that let you cook an entire turkey, and many families enjoy using these, but if you don’t have the space (or want to buy a roaster) then a slow cooker does the trick as well.

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