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Bare Honey-Vanilla BeanHoney Spread

Vanilla BeanHoney Spread

Tahitian vanilla bean is added to this smooth, spreadable, all-natural, raw honey for an unbelievable treat.


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This thick, creamed honey is made in Minnesota from Bare Honey’s raw wildflower honey and the Tahitian vanilla bean. You can even see specks of this remarkable vanilla in the creamed honey. Bare Honey’s Vanilla Bean Spread is all-natural and unfiltered so you get each and every nutrient and enzyme a raw honey has to offer, and you can spread it with a knife so there’s no muss, no fuss. Just amazing vanilla and honey taste.

The power of honey comes from the wide range of healthy compounds which help blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Honey is also helps increase the good bacterial levels in your digestive system.

If this creamed honey gets warm it will melt, which is good once you put it on your toast, but we recommend storing the jar in a cool cupboard and away from heat so it maintains is smooth-spreading goodness.

You can spread on toast, pancakes or crackers. Since Tahitian vanilla has more fruity and floral notes, this honey also goes well with fruit. And it comes in a fantastic glass jar that looks like a honey pot. Pooh would definitely get his nose stuck in this scrumptious little honey pot.

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Pure honey, Vanilla Bean


Do not feed honey to infants under one year.


10 ounces





It's no wonder the word "honey" is a term of endearment. What could be sweeter and more appealing than the rich golden treat? Its benefit goes much further than the fact that it tastes amazing on cereal, toast, yogurt, and pancakes–it has too many nutritional benefits to ignore.

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