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Pure Alaska Salmon Company-Think Pink PremiumSkinless & BonelessWild Pink Salmon

Think Pink PremiumSkinless & BonelessWild Pink Salmon

This lightly flaked wild salmon is full of great flavor but no skins or bones.


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Wild Salmon

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If you don’t want the added bonus of bones or skin in your canned salmon then this is a great one for you. This wild Alaskan pink salmon from Pure Alaska Salmon Co. is caught in the ocean around Kodiak Island, Alaska and it’s been filleted so the skin and bones are gone. What you get is great tasting flaked pink salmon.

Pink salmon is actually pinky orange when it is caught but the cooking process changes the color so it actually looks more like the color of tuna when you open the can. And it has a mild flavor much like tuna.

Many people are deficient in omega-3s. The good news is, wild salmon is one of the richest, tastiest and readily available sources of marine-derived omega-3s. Wild salmon is also a good source of selenium, B-12 and vitamin D. By including wild salmon in your diet you help build good cell membranes, lower blood pressure, and you help your heart, eyes and mental health.

In general, wild salmon have relatively low concentrations of mercury. And the Marine Stewardship Council certifies Alaskan salmon as a “Best Environmental Choice.” All the Pure Alaska Salmon Co. salmon that we offer comes in BPA-free cans.

In a 1/4 cup serving you get 12 grams of protein and only 90 calories.

With canned salmon in your cupboard, you always have a meal on hand. It’s easy to open and make a salad, sandwich or burgers. Or add it to pasta or eggs. There are so many ways to eat salmon so you should always have a few cans on hand.

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Wild Alaska Pink Salmon, Salt


6 ounces

Serving Size

56 grams / 1/3 cup


Wild Salmon


Wild Salmon

When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids, wild salmon is the one simple answer. It's delicious, high in protein, widely available in canned form and easy to prepare. If you eat wild salmon two to four times a week, you will work toward rebalancing the ratio of fatty acids in your body and vastly improving your cellular system. Your mind and body will thank you for this!

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