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Mountain Fruit-Rhubarb RazzFruit Spread

Rhubarb RazzFruit Spread

This rhubarb and raspberry jam is delicious, with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, you’ve never tasted rhubarb like this.


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We love jams that are as close to mashed fruit as you can get. Mountain Fruit Company excels at this endeavor. Simple ingredients make this rhubarb jam ultra-palatable, even for those who aren’t the biggest rhubarb fans. This is what we love most about Mountain Fruit Company—very few ingredients, no preservatives, and low sugar content—qualities that are hard to find in a store-bought jam.

Rhubarb is a great source of vitamin K, magnesium, and manganese. And raspberries are one of our favorite SuperFruits—packed with antioxidants, cancer-preventing phytochemicals, and a ton of fiber.

We love this jam spread on whole grain toast, in our oatmeal, or even incorporated into a vinaigrette dressing. Our favorite part though is licking the jam right off the spoon—it’s that good! We don’t think you’ll have a problem eating it within two weeks as suggested.

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Here is a SuperFood that you can take to the bank! We're shocked to think that nutritionists and researchers ignored the tiny berry for years because it is relatively low in vitamin C. Thankfully, it was finally discovered that they have incredibly high levels of antioxidant phytonutrients.

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