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Cocoa Parlor-Popped Quinoa 70

Popped Quinoa 70

This handmade dark chocolate bar has the wonderful addition of popped quinoa to give it a terrific crunchy texture.


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Dark Chocolate


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Just like the other dark chocolate bars from Cocoa Parlor, Popped Quinoa is handmade from premium organic cacao beans that are grown and harvested responsibly in the Dominican Republic. It’s certified organic and it’s certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This bar is vegan, and gluten and soy free.

Yes, dark chocolate is a SuperFood. That’s because it’s rich in polyphenols, specifically flavanols, which act as antioxidants. They have a positive effect on blood flow and heart health, and possibly blood sugar levels, your brain and skin.

The higher the amount of cocoa solids, the more polyphenols the chocolate will contain. We only sell dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa solids and we make sure cacao is the first ingredient listed.

It’s a myth that dark chocolate is loaded with caffeine. It’s not. Although there is a little bit, it’s way less than a cup of coffee.

We love the popped quinoa in this bar. Not only does it add a nice crunch but it also adds terrific nutrition. Quinoa is an amazing grain. Each little granule is full of protein, fiber, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and folate.

We recommend eating 100 calories of dark chocolate a day. That means 8 squares of a Popped Quinoa 70 bar. If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate (yet), try this bar. You can easily train your tastebuds to prefer this superior chocolate and we are convinced you will soon be on the dark chocolate bandwagon and on the road to better health.

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Organic Premium Cacao, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Quinoa Puffs


Made in a facility with nuts and milk. May contain traces of nuts, seeds, shells and other natural ingredients.


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1 ounce


Dark Chocolate,Oats

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