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Tierra Farm-Organic Dry RoastedUnsalted Walnuts

Organic Dry Roasted
Unsalted Walnuts

These walnuts are a yummy way to get your plant-derived omega 3s and other great nutrients.



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Walnuts are one of our original SuperFoods. We love them because they are one of the few rich sources of plant-derived omega-3s and they are rich in plant sterols. They are also a good source of fiber, protein, and the provide magnesium, copper, folate and vitamin E. And, they are the nut with the highest overall antioxidant activity.

Now that you know why you should eat them, try these wonderful organic roasted walnuts from Tierra Farm. They are certified organic so they don’t have any additives or preservatives. They are lightly baked for a great flavor.

These walnuts come in halves and pieces so you can easily snack on them, add them to baked goods and pancakes. You can also top your yogurt, steamed or sautéed spinach, or try our Chicken Salad with Thyme, Walnuts and Grapes.

Keep your walnuts in a sealed container in cool dry place. You can keep them in the freezer too.

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Certified Dry Roasted Walnuts


Contains tree nuts. May contain shell fragments. Processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts.


14 ounces

Serving Size

1/4 cup





It's quite common for people to worry about the fat content in nuts while ignoring their massive benefit to the mind and body. Yes, they are high in calories and fat, but in all the good ways. Of course, don't eat huge quantities. A handful of nuts about five times a week will reduce your chances of getting a heart attack by at least 15 percent and possibly even as much as 51 percent.

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