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Tierra Farm-Dry Roasted Organic UnsaltedHazelnut Butter

Dry Roasted Organic UnsaltedHazelnut Butter

Hazelnut fans this is the nut butter for you. It has that rich flavor unique to hazelnuts.


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All that’s in this glass jar is ground, lightly-roasted hazelnuts. That’s it. Pure and simple. This nut butter has a rich hazelnut flavor that is unique to these nuts. There are 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein in one 33 gram serving.

Hazelnuts are tree nuts. They are a good source of copper and vitamin E. The term vitamin E describes a family of eight antioxidants, four tocopherols, and four tocotrienols. The main function of vitamin E is as an antioxidant that helps maintain the integrity of cell membranes throughout the body. Vitamin E also plays a major role in cell proliferation and how cells communicate with each other.

Copper is important in our diets because it is involved in many processes in our bodies. Copper powers our mitochondria, helps absorb iron, which keeps our red blood cells healthy, and it’s necessary in the formation of collagen.

Tierra Farm’s Organic Unsalted Hazelnut Butter is made in a peanut-free facility and is certified organic and gluten-free. You can use this Organic Unsalted Hazelnut Butter in anything you would a nut butter. Also, try warming it slightly and drizzling it over popcorn. It’s a slightly messy but yummy treat.

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Organic Dry Roasted Hazelnuts


16 ounces

Serving Size

1/4 cup





It's quite common for people to worry about the fat content in nuts while ignoring their massive benefit to the mind and body. Yes, they are high in calories and fat, but in all the good ways. Of course, don't eat huge quantities. A handful of nuts about five times a week will reduce your chances of getting a heart attack by at least 15 percent and possibly even as much as 51 percent.

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