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Cocoa Parlor-Dark Jungle 70

Dark Jungle 70

This wonderful handmade bar is for people who love peanuts with dark chocolate.


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Dark Chocolate


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Dark Jungle 70 is handmade from organic fairly traded cacao from Peru and wild Ecuadorian jungle peanuts, plus some organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter and Himalayan pink salt to round out the flavors. The peanuts are in pieces and evenly distributed throughout the bar and the touch of Himalayan pink salt* really makes this bar special. It’s a great combo of flavors.

Dark Jungle 70 is certified organic and it’s certified by the Rainforest Alliance. It’s vegan, and gluten and soy free.

We’re happy to confirm that dark chocolate is a SuperFood. It’s rich in polyphenols, specifically flavanols, which have a positive effect on blood flow and heart health, and possibly blood sugar levels, your brain and skin.

The higher the amount of cocoa solids, the more polyphenols the chocolate will contain. We only sell dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa solids and we make sure cacao is the first ingredient listed.

It’s a myth that dark chocolate is loaded with caffeine. It’s not. Although there is a little bit, it’s way less than a cup of coffee.

We recommend eating 100 calories of dark chocolate a day. That means 8 squares of a Dark Jungle 70 bar. (There are 28 squares in this bar so it will last you 3 ½ days unless you share it with someone, which we highly recommend. It’s a great way to make friends.)

*Don’t get too hung up on the fact that it’s Himalayan pink salt. It’s just salt. And it makes the bar taste great. But there isn’t enough of it to give any health benefit.

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Organic Premium Cacao, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Jungle Peanuts, Himalayan Pink Salt


Made in a facility with nuts and milk. May contain traces of nuts, seeds, shells and other natural ingredients.


2,82 ounces

Serving Size

1 ounce


Dark Chocolate,Walnuts

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