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Mountain Fruit-Always ApricotFruit Spread

Always Apricot Fruit Spread

This wonderful fruit spread tastes exactly like crushed, perfectly ripe, apricots.


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Fresh-picked, perfectly ripe apricots are hard to find unless you’re lucky enough to have your own tree. If you’re like us and love the taste of real apricots but don’t have a tree, then you’ll love this fruit spread as much as we do. It tastes exactly like crushed, perfectly ripe, apricots. It’s made of 78% cooked-down California apricots that are very fresh tasting. And since apricots have a relatively short season it’s nice to be able to open a jar of Always Apricot Fruit Spread and taste the fresh picked goodness of real apricots anytime you want. This jar will bring a little sunshine into a dark winter day, or any day for that matter.

Apricots are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. They are also rich in important antioxidants.

Mountain Fruit Company is a small company that makes the most delicious fruit spreads we have ever tasted. All their fruit spreads taste like fresh, ripe fruit should. This is because they cook their fruit slowly and at low temperatures. They never boil their fruit. It’s a very labor-intensive process but it’s one we appreciate because it gives a far superior taste and less need for added sugar (less than half the amount used in typical fruit spreads and jams).

There are no preservatives so keep it in the fridge or eat it quickly, which won’t be a problem because it tastes so good. Mound it on your toast or top your yogurt with this tasty fruit spread. You can even bake with it.

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Apricots, Sugar, Fruit Pectin and Fumaric Acid (for ph)


9.5 ounces

Serving Size

1 tablespoon

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