Yogurt: a Great Source of Digestible Protein

protein in low fat yogurt

Who doesn’t love a yogurt smoothie or the sweetest SuperFood combo: a bowl of yogurt with honey! There are many great reasons to get yogurt into your diet regularly. Not only does yogurt taste good and serve as the perfectly filling mid-day or late-night snack, it also helps maintain the health of your gastrointestinal tract while providing you with much needed calcium.

Perhaps more importantly, yogurt is a great source of protein. Not only that but the protein in low fat yogurt is readily digestible. In fact, yogurt supplies double the protein of milk because it’s usually thickened with nonfat milk solids which increase its protein content.

Some people, particularly the elderly, just don’t consume enough protein or calcium. Studies have shown that there’s a positive association between protein intake and bone-mineral density in older women and men taking calcium supplements.

In short, optimum bone health and prevention of osteoporosis depend not just on calcium supplementation, but on sufficient protein intake as well. Yogurt, with its easily digestible protein and calcium, is the answer. Now you know why yogurt is considered a powerful SuperFood.

For more about yogurt and gastrointestinal health, check out the article, The Synergy of Pre- and Probiotics. Or, to read more about calcium and yogurt click on the article, The Importance of Calcium in Yogurt.

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