SuperFoodsRx Sunflower Seed Butter with Organic Raw Honey

Our Super Sunflower Seed Butter is crunchy and the perfect combination of savory and sweet! Click on this link to purchase your jar of this yummy seed butter.

We use USA-grown sunflower seeds, organic raw honey, and a touch a sea salt to balance the flavors and give you a fantastic tasting, SuperFood-rich seed butter.

And it’s all made with a non-heat process to preserve the integrity and nutrition of the ingredients, so you get all the synergistic health benefits of sunflower seeds and raw honey.

Try it as a new twist on a PB&J, stir it into your oatmeal or smoothie, or just eat it off the spoon. We can’t get enough of it, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way.

Of course, we don’t use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. But the organic raw honey and sea salt help our seed butter stay naturally fresh, so it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Our Sunflower Seed Butter is minimally processed and not homogenized, so the nutritious oils can naturally separate. We like to store the jars upside down to help keep the oils dispersed. And you can always use a knife to easily mix the oil back into the seed butter.

Get your jar of SuperFoodsRx Sunflower Seed Butter here.

SuperFood Ingredients

Sunflower seeds, like most seeds, are a SuperFood because they contain all the highly concentrated proteins and nutrients a plant needs to flourish. Sunflower seeds especially are a super source of natural vitamin E. They’re also rich in thiamine, selenium, magnesium, and folate.

The SuperFood power of organic raw honey comes from the wide range of health-promoting antioxidants in the amber liquid. Honey also can help maintain blood sugar levels and boost muscle recovery.

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