SuperFoodsRx Fruit and Seeds Super Bar

You get 12 certified organic SuperFoods in one yummy bar. Flax, chia, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds are mixed with sunflower seed butter, steel-cut oats, raisins, dried cranberries, tart cherries, raw honey, and cinnamon for a super tasting, super fueling treat. And, of course, no GMOs, additives, or preservatives. You can buy them here on Amazon.

This is the perfect bar for people who don’t want peanuts or almonds. And it has a yummy cranberry, tart cherry, and orange flavor we think you’ll love.

Some bars taste flat, almost powdery. Some are too cardboardy or too sweet. Once you taste our SuperFoodsRx Fruit and Seeds Super Bar, you’ll never buy another brand.

We get it – we need bars. A mid-afternoon break, on a road trip, or when we’re out hiking, riding, yoga-ing, or whatever we’re doing, we want a yummy and refueling snack.

There are a lot of bars on the market, and standing in front of shelves and shelves at the store or scrolling through Amazon can be a bit overwhelming. We did it – a lot. But we couldn’t find bars made from real SuperFoods, kept us fueled, AND tasted delicious.

So we created Super Bars. We use only certified USDA organic ingredients for flavorful, healthy, delicious bars. They taste best chilled (because they’re made with real food!), but you can easily take them to workouts, camping trips, or work – even if you’re working from home, you’ll want a few in easy reach.

We’re never about the latest food fad. Everything we do is rooted in science-based research and data. We give you the whole-food nutrition your body needs every day to help you feel, look, and do your best.

Try our fulfilling, energy-sustaining, yummy Fruit and Seeds Super Bars. You can buy them here on Amazon.

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