Super-Savers: SuperFoods on a Budget

superfoods on a budget

Contrary to what you might have heard, eating healthfully doesn’t need to break the bank. The truth is that filling your grocery bag with SuperFoods is both an economical and healthy way to feed your family. You can save money and still include SuperFoods in your regular diet.

Here are a few tips on shopping for SuperFoods on a budget:

Canned Wild Salmon
Almost all canned salmon is wild, unless it says ‘Atlantic salmon’ on the label. Save by buying water-packed canned wild salmon instead of fresh cuts. Canned wild salmon has the same nutrients as fresh wild salmon but it costs much less. Canned, water-packed tuna and canned sardines are also inexpensive ways to get your omega-3s and other important nutrients. Include canned fish in pasta dishes or turn it into an Innovative Salad.

Frozen Blueberries
Frozen blueberries are much less expensive than fresh berries and have nearly the same nutritional content. Also, since you only take out of the freezer the portion you need, you don’t have to worry about berries becoming moldy before you eat them.

Ground Turkey
A pound of ground turkey goes much farther than any other ground meat because turkey is lower in fat and doesn’t shrink much when you cook it. Try ground turkey in burgers, tacos or a tasty Spinach Pasta with Turkey-Tomato Sauce.

Beans are one of the healthiest and most economical sources of protein. They are also a fantastic source of dietary fiber, B vitamins, iron, folate, potassium and many crucial phytonutrients. A pound of dried beans or a 30-ounce can of beans costs less than $2.00. This makes beans a real meal deal. Make a White Bean Soup with Greens and Rosemary or a Bean and Veggie Burrito.

Oats are loaded with fiber and minerals, and a typical container of oatmeal only costs about 10 cents an ounce. Of course, oatmeal makes a wonderful breakfast but it’s also great to use in desserts. Make Apple-Oat Crisp for a healthy dessert or incorporate oats into meat and bean dishes to stretch your meal and save money. For example, you can use oats in meatloaf instead of bread crumbs.

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