Soy, the Blank Canvas

soy products

One of the most unusual aspects of soy, at least in comparison with other SuperFoods, is also perhaps its greatest advantage and disadvantage: You can make soy taste however you like because on its own it’s rather bland.

There are different textures of tofu to choose from: soft or firm and something in between. See which texture appeals to your palate. Granted, you’ll need to get your spices ready and make your preparation taste however you want it to taste. Without spices, your flavoring may fall flat. Some great ways to make tofu taste good is with an eastern medley of turmeric, rice and vegetables or go Mexican and use some cayenne pepper in your dish.

You can use soy products in a wide variety of vegetable dishes and broths, but if you’re not wild about tofu, you may well enjoy roasted soy nuts instead. They are actually quite a tasty snack with a satisfying crunch. You can also choose to add a scoop of soy protein to shakes, smoothies or pancakes. Baking with soymilk is another option, and its undetectable in terms of taste (unless you buy the vanilla flavored variety) so make sure to create whatever flavors  you like.


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