Nuts to the Rescue

nut health benefits

We’re often told to eat one thing for a particular ailment, and eat something else for another problem. The truth about SuperFoods is that they often benefit the body as a whole.

Take nuts, for example. While the evidence supporting nuts’ contribution to heart health and diabetes prevention is impressive, we must remember that nuts, like every other SuperFood, don’t just target a few isolated systems in our bodies. They’re categorized as a SuperFood because nut health benefits have an amazingly powerful effect on our overall health.

For one thing, most people do not realize it but nuts are a rich source of dietary fiber. In one study, a 1o-gram-a day increase in dietary fiber resulted in a 19 percent decrease in coronary heart disease risk. One ounce of peanuts or mixed nuts provides about 2 1/2 grams of fiber—a good contribution to an overall daily fiber consumption.

Most of us don’t get nearly enough vitamin E in our daily diets, and nuts and seeds are a rich source of this nutrient. One of the components of vitamin E— gamma-tocopherol —has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation can do damage to the body, and eating nuts regularly can prevent it.

Also keep in mind that some foods are considered “Super” because of how they work in conjunction with other foods. By consuming a variety of nuts along with other SuperFoods, you’ll be creating the optimum environment for the nutrients in these foods to benefit your body.

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