School Lunches: How Does Yours Stack Up?

how to pack a healthy school lunch

Think you’re doing good with your kid’s lunches?

If you visit sites like SuperFoodsRx, then chances are you’re doing a good job. But how good? Perhaps you give them a fun snack as a reward, or choose a specific type of lunch meat because you know they love it — ignoring the fact that it’s not really the best option. Let’s make a comparison and see how things stack up.

Typical School Lunch

Bologna sandwich on white bread
Single serving canned fruit
Bag of chips

Calories 740
Fat 28g
Sodium 880g
Protein 8g
Sugar 57g
Fiber less than 2g
Average Cost: $3.00

SuperFoodsRx thinks there’s a better solution.

A SuperFoodsRx Healthy Lunch Box

Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread
1 cup fresh blueberries
Single serving yogurt
Whole wheat crackers

Calories 454
Fat 4g
Sodium 681g
Protein 33g
Sugar 34g
Fiber 17g
Average Cost $4.00

Generally speaking, our recommendation has fewer calories — and of those calories, fewer come from fat, and there is less sodium, less refined sugar, and more protein.

But as always with SuperFoodsRx, it’s not just about what is left out of a meal but what is in the SuperFoods. Our suggestion includes fresh fruit (blueberries) loaded with all the important phytonutrients and antioxidants we’re always talking about, whole grains in the bread and crackers so there’s lots of fiber and nutrients essential to health, and low-fat yogurt with live cultures, and low fat turkey. That’s four SuperFoods in this simple meal.

Now your child gets a real jolt of nutrient dense, low calorie, high energy SuperFoods to help carry him or her through the rest of the day.

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