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healthy traveling

If you’re like most families, you’ve got aĀ big summer vacation planned. While these trips are fun, they can involveĀ hours in airport terminals, really long airplane rides, orĀ hour-longĀ car trips!

The temptations that exist when traveling are huge. We know all about the giant muffins and venti beverages at the airport high-end coffee kiosk, the greasy pizza at the airport food court, the king size candy bars at the magazine stand (Don’t forget the one pound bag of M&Ms!), and those yummy in-flight snack boxes with the cheese wedges, vacuum-packed summer sausage (What is that, anyway?), potato chips — the list of bad snack goes on and on. They’re mostly the high calorie, low nutrient foods that are the opposite of what all of us in the SuperFoodsRx family know is good for us.

When we travel, we’re all a little more stressed, our immune systems are a little more taxed, and we’re always a little shy of the recommended amount of sleep. Let’s not compound the problem by depriving our bodies of crucial nutrients in the SuperFoods.

So, here are some simple tips forĀ healthy traveling.

Tip #1 –Ā Plan a little better.
The night before you leave, get your packing done early and get a good night’s rest. Lack of sleep adds stresses to your system, and makes temptation easier.

Tip #2 –Ā Put together a SuperFoodsRx snack bag.
Into this goes a few homemade muffins, fresh blueberries, small carrots, trail mix, dry cereal and a couple of healthy snack bars. I also pack a few treats, including fig cookies and 72% dark chocolate bars. Pack a bunch of napkins and hand-wipes.

Tip#3 –Ā Pick up some bottles of water after you pass through security.
Proper hydration is really important. Some airports are even letting you fill up your own water bottles at free filter stations, so bring an empty bottle along and hydrate for free!

Traveling has become a bit of an ordeal but with some planning you and your family can keep energized, hydrated and healthy so you arrive at your destination ready for fun.

Healthy Traveling – In Style

If you are lucky to be traveling to a location where there is a Westin Hotel, you’re in SuperFoodsRx luck. The Westin Hotel Group also knows the importance of healthy eating when traveling, and they take the health and wellness of their guests very seriously. They’re the only hotel chain that offers special SuperFoodsRx meals and snacks at their hotels around the world.

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