Finding Healthy Post Game Snacks Kids Love

healthy post game snacks

Exercise is part of the foundation of a healthy SuperFoodsRx life. Through regular exercise, young athletes are helping all their physical systems perform at a higher, healthier level. Making sure that good snacking habits are instilled at this young age can contribute to your children’s future, healthier life!

The problem? If you have young kids participating in team sports these days, you’ve probably seen the economy box of bagged cookies, cupcakes, and even doughnuts distributed as snacks to young, sweaty athletes. We’re sure these parents meant well, but just because kids are working out doesn’t mean they can eat junk food loaded with empty calories.

Fortunately, we’ve got some smart snacking solutions for you.

Post-game snacks should always have a balance of some carbs, some protein and some healthy fat. And young kids sweat just like adults, so pay careful attention to re-hydration. Include lots of cool water or a very low-sugar drink — not soda or punch; incidentally, studies show that water is still the best thing to drink after sports, so by giving them H2O you’re helping them become beter, stronger athletes.

Some SuperFoodsRx Healthy Post Game Snacks

  • Whole grain crackers, low-fat cheese and apple slices
  • Fruit and yogurt sprinkled with granola
  • Banana slices with peanut butter or other nut butter
  • Home made SuperfoodsRx blueberry walnut muffin
  • A quality energy bar; good choices include Kashi TLC, Clif Z Bars for Kids peanut butter, Cascadian Farm Organic Chewy Granola Bars.

Wonder how to spot a good energy bar from a bad one. First off, they should have less than 150 calories, less than 15g sugar and 150mg sodium, whole grains and other real ingredients.

At SuperFoodsRx we always try to emphasize the positive ways to make our lives a little healthier. So when your time comes on the snack schedule, remember that healthy snacking is a small, but important way we can all begin to teach our children habits that will pay wonderful dividends as they grow into adults.

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