Fake Sugar = Fake Dieting

fake sugar

Everyone reaches for the “fake” sugar when they are trying to lose a few pounds or keep their weight under control. Does it work?

The research often shows the opposite: Fake sugars often increase cravings for sweet foods and cause you to eat larger servings. There is evidence that our bodies don’t accurately recognize calories from foods sweetened with fake sugars, and we end up consuming much more before feeling full.

What are the health risks of fake sugar besides eating more? Animal studies have convincingly proven that fake sugars not only cause weight gain, but brain tumors, bladder cancer and many other health hazards. Health related side effects in humans include carcinogenicity.

  1. Whenever we eat or drink sweet foods, we just need to be extra conscious of calories. At SuperFoodsRx, we encourage everyone to use natural, unprocessed brown sugar whenever they’d like to add a little sweetness to their food. You’ll be surprised how little you need!

Also, keep in mind that when we fill up on processed, sweetened foods, we can crowd out nutrient-rich whole foods which should be included in every balanced diet. And don’t forget honey, a SuperFood that works wonders in substituting processed sugar. It’s really the next best thing.

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