Genius Hacks Keep Your Food Fresh in the Fridge & on Your Countertop

Learning how to keep food fresh and not tasting like everything else in your fridge is invaluable. We hope these tips will be useful to you.

1. Strawberries usually last a week. With some water and a splash of vinegar, they can last two weeks without tasting like vinegar.

2. Asparagus can keep much longer if you place it in a tall glass of water as if it were a bamboo plant or fresh cut flowers.

3. Eggs may keep for a long time but they are porous and they begin to take on the flavor of their neighbors in the fridge. To prevent that from happening so your eggs taste like eggs, just take a paper towel and wipe down the eggs with just a dab of mineral oil.

4. Celery, lettuce and spinach begin to wilt pretty soon after you buy them, but not if you store them in zip-lock bags wrapped in paper towels that trap the moisture that turns them brown and yucky.

5. Avocados turn brown just minutes after you cut them in half but not if you squeeze a little lemon on the exposed meat of the fruit and wrap it.

6. Pineapples are usually sweeter at the bottom because they are shipped right side up. You can spread the flavor by cutting the top and storing the fruit upside down on your counter top and wait for it to ripen.



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