Food Hack: Turn Mushy Bananas Yellow Again!

mushy bananas

You thought it couldn’t be done–reviving those wilted and sad looking bananas. First, you bought them before they were ripe. Then you swore you’d eat them before they became mushy and brown. It’s all been downhill from there. Or maybe you did the unthinkable: You refrigerated that poor fruit in a lame attempt to keep it fresh and now it’s brown.

We can fix this. We have good news for folks who have a hard time managing their banana intake in a timely manner. You can turn your brown bananas yellow again, the color mother nature intended you to eat them. And they won’t be so mushy!

All you need is a ziploc bag that will fit your banana and some rice. You’ll also need a blowdryer. Yes, you will blowdry your banana.

After pouring rice in the ziploc, put the banana in and get all the air out before you close the bag tightly. Leave the banana and rice in the bag for an hour. After the hour is up, you can then blowdry your banana and watch it magically turn back to the fruit you know and love.

This really works. Next time you have mushy bananas, give this hack a shot!