Healthy Tips for Eating (and Preparing) Blueberries Daily

blueberry nutrition facts

We all love blueberries, and now that you’ve learned all the blueberry nutrition facts, you may be wondering how to eat them, aside from popping fresh ones in your mouth.

The following are some healthy tips for buying and preparing blueberries to add variety to diet:

• Keep dried blueberries on hand, as they are a great addition to oatmeal.  Add them in during the last minute of cooking.

• Mix dried blueberries with your favorite nuts and create your own trail mix.

• Place dried blueberries on top of toast for breakfast.

• Keep a bag of frozen blueberries in your freezer at all times. They are great for mixing into yogurt, pancakes, muffins breads and smoothies.

• Let frozen blueberries defrost and enjoy them solo, or as a healthy topping on frozen yogurt.

• When buying blueberry juice (or any other juice) at the grocery store, make sure that it is 100% juice. Most juice varieties add sugar, so check the label, which can usually be found right above the nutritional facts. When you see “cocktail” in the name, chances are good it’s NOT 100% of the juice you’re looking for.

• Even if a juice doesn’t have added sugar, the calories are usually high. To reduce your caloric intake from the consumption of juice, mix one-half 100% fruit juice with one-half seltzer water for a delightfully sparkling fruit juice beverage.

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