Eating Beans to Fight Obesity

beans and obesity

Losing weight or just maintaining it as you get older can be difficult if you’re not sure what kinds of foods are good to eat. Sure, most people know that salads aren’t fattening, but what about heartier foods for those of us with a big appetite?

The secret answer? Beans!

Like all plant-based foods, beans are low in fat and they are a rich source of fiber. Fiber adds a great deal of bulk to foods without adding many extra calories to your diet. This is because fiber can be digested by our digestive systems.

Beans can also make you feel full without adding unnecessary calories to your diet. There’s never been a link between beans and obesity, unless the person is eating far too many calories and eating beans on top of it. The bottom-line is that in order to lose or maintain your weight you must balance the calories you take in through food every day with the calories that you burn during your daily activities.

Because beans are filling and are low in calories, they are a great addition to any diet, especially those focusing on weight loss. Beans are also delicious alternative source of protein for those trying to lessen their load of red meat, which is higher in fat and can prove deadly over the long term.

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