Amp Your Immune System With These 11 SuperFoods

Does it seem like everybody around you is sick? You don’t want a cold, and you certainly don’t want the flu, but don’t despair. You can strengthen your immune system with SuperFoods.

The key nutrients for good immune health are zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamins C and D, and saponins, a phytonutrient.

The best way to get these super nutrients is from 11 SuperFoods: turkey, beans, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, wild salmon, kiwi, garlic, and…wait for it…dark chocolate! Yep, it’s rich in magnesium. Just don’t go overboard on it.

One way to get most of these super immunity foods is turkey bone broth soup with beans, greens, mushrooms, and garlic. You can top it with some pumpkin seeds for a crunchy nutritional punch.

And don’t forget sleep and exercise! Both are key to staying well. At least 7 hours of sleep each day is important for a healthy immune system. And moving briskly and regularly (every day) for at least 30 minutes gets your immune system working too. But if you do get sick, get lots of rest and eat immunity-boosting SuperFoods.

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