Get Your Sun Gear On

Yes, using the right sunscreen is a good way to be sun smart this summer. (You can check out our sunscreen review article for our favorite brands.) But sunscreen is only one part of sun protection. Don’t forget other sun-smart gear as well. Slip on your shades. Don’t forget your […]

Skin Cancer: Are you at Risk?

It’s a trick question! From the smallest, easily removed basal cell carcinoma, to a more serious melanoma that can spread internally (think Bob Marley’s cause of death), people of all races and skin color are at some risk of getting skin cancer.  A staggering 1 in 5 people will develop […]

Sunscreen—Our SFRX Recommendations

Time to buy some sunscreen. But which one? We’ve got you covered this year with some SuperFoodsRx recommendations. Read about some important qualities to look for in a sunscreen, and then see our specific product recommendations list. Label Must Say Broad Spectrum Look for sunscreens that specifically say they are […]

9 Steps To Make Healthy Changes In Your Life

Making positive, permanent change isn’t a matter of willpower. It’s a skill. You can learn how to do it with these 9 steps. You can do it! 1. Make a list of your goals. Start generally with things like “be active” and “eat healthy.” Expand the list with specific goals […]

The Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt digestion benefits lie in the pre- and probiotics found in this creamy and delicious food. Pre- and probiotics help keep the GI tract healthy.

Honey and Your Health

The health benefits of honey include its antioxidant ability, its antibacterial properties, and its ability to maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

The Power of Cinnamon

We’re only now learning the health benefits of Cinnamon. This spice can benefit many people, particularly those who suffer from type II diabetes.

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