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Carmelina 'e San Marzano-Organic ItalianWhole Peel Tomatoes

Organic Italian
Whole Peel Tomatoes

These 100% organic San Marzano whole tomatoes packed in tomato puree are sweet, have a bright red color and are loaded with wonderful SuperFood nutrition.




Although a real tomatoes picked from your own garden taste wonderful, canned tomatoes provide more lycopene power and they’re available all year long.

One of the major reasons tomatoes are a SuperFood is due to lycopene. Lycopene gives tomatoes their red color and has a range of unique and distinct qualities. It is a powerful antioxidant that is good for our eyes, and skin.

Lycopene is actually rare in food. And canned tomatoes have more bioavailable lycopene than raw tomatoes. From 2 to 8 times more!

Tomatoes have many other nutritional benefits. They contain vitamin C, alpha- and beta-carotene, lutein/zeaxanthin, potassium, B vitamins and fiber just to name a few. And they are low in calories. It’s the synergy of all these nutrients that give us their super power.

The tomatoes from Carmelina ‘e San Marzano are San Marzano plum tomatoes which have a superior flavor compared to other plum tomatoes. They are sweeter and less acidic in taste. These 100% USDA certified organic San Marzano tomatoes are steam peeled and packed with tomato puree without any added salt or preservatives.

Carmelina ‘e San Marzano tomatoes are in BPA-free cans which is important because the acid in tomatoes can react with ordinary cans and leach unwanted BPA into the food.

Add a little olive oil, garlic and spices to these tomatoes for a quick sautee for your pasta. You can also use these delicious tomatoes in soups and stews.

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Organic Peeled Tomatoes, Organic Tomato Puree


14.28 ounces

Serving Size

1/2 cup





Many people are often certain there's going to be bad news that comes along with the consumption of tomatoes -- because they taste so good! It's also assumed that tomatoes have always belonged in the veggie category. However, they were once considered fruit and then in 1893 the Supreme Court stepped into the picture and decided they were vegetables. Regardless, they are packed with tons of benefits for your health.

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